Additional Perks

Included with all weddings

Instant Online Quote

We know time is valuable. We also feel you shouldn't need to have to come in for a consultation visit just to get a price sheet or a quote for anything. Since Day 1, our prices have always been readily available and up to day, and have always offered online quotes to get a 'In Stone' price, whenever your schedule allows it without having to schedule it.

Two Photographers

This is one aspect that is often overlooked when choosing someone to do your photos! Having only one photographer can lead to awkward moments during the pre-ceremony shots, (such as having a male in the room while the bride is getting ready), or the problem of only one photographer trying to be in more than one place at a time, moving around and being distracting during your service.

Price Lock

We stand behind our prices, 100%. Not only are the prices for each standard print size listed on the contract, but we offer a 'Price Lock Guarantee', meaning that for 1 YEAR FROM THE DAY OF THE CEREMONY the prices on the contact is what you will pay for any additional prints, unless the prices go down. You will NEVER pay more for a print than what's listed on the contract.

Price Match

We encourage you to shop around for what fit's your needs the most. If you can find a professional photographer/studio in the area that offers comparable quality, equal or more prints, more time and more guarantee for a lower price, then we will give you a $100 print credit to use as YOU wish! You will receive the most for your money through us, and we guarantee it!

Budget Pay

We fully understand how expensive weddings can be. We are more than happy to work with any couple in setting up a payment plan that works around your budget. Cash? Check? Plastic? Yep, we accept them all, without any additional handling fees or anything like that. Unfortunetally we do have a return check fee and a late payment fee in place because of some issues in the past.

Private or Public Albums

We respect every ones right to privacy. If you wish to have any of your albums private (password protected) we're more than happy to provide that privacy for you, and yes, we can even 'hide' your bridal photos so no one will be able to see your gown before the big day!