What makes us stand out ...

Before we get started working on your quote, we want you to grab a piece of paper and pencil, pen, crayon, something, anything. No, it's not to write down the quote, but it's to write down 2 simple questions that you should ask each and every photographer that you get quotes from!

First and foremost - How many photographers will be doing photos during the sessions? This is one aspect that is often overlooked when choosing someone to do your photos! Having only one photographer can lead to awkward moments during the pre-ceremony shots, while the bride is getting ready with a male doing photos, or the problem of only one photographer trying to be in more than one place at a time, moving around and being distracting during your service.

With us, Jennifer shoots all the shots of the bride/bridesmaids side during the pre-ceremony event, and Richard shoots all of the groom's side. Cut and dry, no awkward moments, no unnecessary or distracting moving around during the ceremony, all eyes will be on your special event, not on us!

Second, and this is a two part question - Are the prices for individual prints listed ON THE CONTRACT and how long after the ceremony are the prices valid? Many, and I can't stress this enough - MANY - photographers will give you a price for the 'package' and not tell you how much additional prints cost, leaving you to their mercy when you want reprints and then they tell you their 4x6's are $8.00 each! Now, do you see why other photographers don't list prices on their website?

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