Print Prices

Verified On 05/22/2024.

Other sizes available for all prints.

Examples of print sizes and quality may be seen at our studio anytime.

Standard Items

Not looking for speciality items? That's fine, we offer a wide range of standard print items as well!

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Speciality Items

We don't offer just prints!
We have several speciality items that can be really make your photo stand out!

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Digital Options

We truely respect that not everyone needs a physical print in their hand. People often request our services specifically for digital images to do head shots for business cards, book covers, or promotional shots for websites/socail media.
   Session DVD  Basic DVD  Premium DVD

Price  $100.00  $250.00  $300.00
Total Images  25 Images  Unlimited  Unlimited
Turn Around Time*  24 Hours  48 Hours  1 Week

* For most head shot style photos that you need in a digital format, we can have done in less than a hour, start to finish.

All digital options include the following:

 HD Resolution Images Included (1920 x 1080) - Ideal for displaying on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites.
 Full Resolution Images Included (4900 x 3200 or higher) - Ideal for printing. Since all images are 16 megapixel or higher, no images will need to be enlarged with quality loss.
 Direct Download Link Option - Link will be valid for at least 30 days after you purchace the image(s).
 Copy To Clients USB Drive, SD/MicroSD, Cell Phone or Tablet - If you don't have a way to transfer the images over, we'll do it for you at no charge!
 Personal Use / Non-Commercial Release Form - If you want to have the images printed later through a different company, you'll need the release form showing you have a legal right to print them. We provide that, and a replacement in case you loose it. We'll also answer any questions about legal rights with the printer of your choice should a issue arrise.